An American in Pasadena

Starring: Gene Kelly and Guest starring: Cindy Williams

Scene I - On stage

Cindy Williams: Can you believe this? I mean, here we are on stage again. Gee, this must be quite a thrill for you, huh?

Gene Kelly: Well, (crowd laughs) yes, Cindy, having an evening like this is always quite a thrill to me.

Cindy: No, no, Gene, I didn't mean just the evening, I meant getting to work again with your favorite partner.

Gene: (confused) My favorite partner?

Audience laughs.

Gene: You're not going to believe this either, but I can't remember ever singing a single song with you on the screen.

Cindy:'re still trying to avoid offending the others, aren't you? I understand. Listen, I'll tell you what, why don't you just sing whatever you had planned next and I'll just jump in where ever there's an opening. Okay? All right?

Gene: Yeah.

Cindy: Okay. What was your next song?

Gene: "You Wonderful You."

Cindy: (gasps) You devil you! (punches him in the arm) That was one of our biggest! (throws out her arms; points to him) Take it, Gene.

Music starts.

Gene: (singing) I'm glad I met you, you wonderful you.

Cindy: (singing) I won't forget you, you wonderful you. You're like a breath of spring, a whole new thing has happened. and without much a do, I look at you and there stands love.

Gene: My arms around you...

Cindy: Gee, I would always like to hang around.

Gene: That's wonderful too...

Cindy: Feel like my feet will never touch the ground.

Gene: I'm glad I found you...

Cindy: Oh what a lucky day, the day I found.

Together: You wonderful you.

Gene: Remember, finders keepers...

Cindy: Losers weepers.

Together: And because it's true, You're mine now, You wonderful you.

Cindy does a free dance with plenty of shimmies.

Gene: Hey, what do you think you're doing?

Cindy: I'm just feeling my soul, that's all.

Gene: (sings) Remember, finders keepers...

Cindy: Losers weepers.

Together: And because it's true, You're mine now, You wonderful you.

Gene Kelly kisses Cindy Williams on the cheek.

Cindy: Boy, I bet that brought back a lot of memories for a lot of people.

Gene: Well, if it didn't, it should at least start a whole bunch of new ones.

Cindy waves and leaves; stage right.

Scene II - On stage

Cindy Williams with Cyd Charisse

Cyd Charisse comes out and Cindy sneaks up on her.

Cindy: (smiling and gritting her teeth) Boy, oh boy, it must have taken a lot of guts showing up here tonight knowing that you had to go on after me, huh?

Cyd: (fixes the back of her hair) Yes it did.

She moves away from Cindy.

Cindy:(surprised) It did? You have just made a friend for life.

Cyd: (smiles) Oh, well, I'm glad.

She moves away from Cindy again.

Cindy: Uh, tell me, Miss Charisse...May I call you Cyd?

Cyd: Why, of course.

Cindy: Tell me, Cyd, um, what was it like dancing with Gene Kelly?

Cyd: Oh, well, Gene was just the best. Oh, he made us all look good. I remember in "Brigadoon," there was this one move I had so much trouble with. It went like this.

Cyd demonstrates.

Cindy: Wait a minute. I had difficulty...I had difficulty with that exact same step.

Cyd: Really?

Cindy: I, uh, yes.

Cindy tried the step but Gene interrupts.

Gene: Well, girls, let me explain to you. Both of you, you see, after you pivot on your left foot, this should happen on the third count and then the right hand goes out, do you understand?

Cindy: (smiles) I bet you say that to all the girls.

Cindy leaves.

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