Whatever happened to Feensterland? 

Established in 2000, Feensterland was a page I wanted to make dedicated to my favorite television duo, Laverne & Shirley. I, myself, am not affiliated with the show, nor will I ever claim to be. It was a fun time, watching the show on Nick at Nite and then on TVLand, get inspired and write about it.

During those days, I had so much free time to sit down and write fan fiction, or draw out a site plan to build a fun page to be enjoyed by all. I won't lie, I was definitely inspired by Squeakyland, which was established in 1998, but sadly left us when Geocities closed down. So many sites went right down with it, including mine. I managed to save a lot of my files but it's just not the same.

Recently, I've turned on the television late at night and watched episodes of Laverne & Shirley that are still in syndication. That has inspired me to keep up with this site. I hope there are still fans out there. I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for making this site great again in its new location for the past 3 years.

Email me feedback, fan fiction or suggestions..etc.


Thank you,

Feenster Girl

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